Disciple-making is intentionally equipping believers with the Word of God through accountable relationships empowered by the Holy Spirit to replicate faithful followers of Christ.  In order to grow into spiritual maturity, believers should follow this pathway in the context of a local church. At Highland our discipleship strategy consists of four different areas: Congregation, Connection, Core, and Close.

How Do We Disciple?


A disciple should gather together with the corporate church body for weekly worship.  During this time, believers are equipped and edified for the work of ministry through the preaching of the Word.


This mixed-gender group of 12-18 people is the starting point for relationships, spiritual growth, and service both inside and outside of the church.


These are gender exclusive groups of 3-5 people who meet for 12-18 months.  Maturity is gauged by the MARCS of a healthy Core Group.
  1. Missional: Core Group participants should be living out the Gospel
  2. Accountable: You can’t expect what you don’t inspect
  3. Reproducible: The discipleship process is complete when the mentee becomes a mentor
  4. Communal: Participation is essential
  5. Scriptural: The Bible is the textbook


The purpose of the entire disciple-making pathway is to develop a close, intimate walk with Jesus.  Daily disciplines of a disciple: pray constantly, read/journal daily, memorize Scripture weekly, and rely on the Spirit continuously.