Our goal is simple: to equip men to be active in their faith in their everyday lives. In other words, our desire is to see men have an ongoing encounter with Jesus and as a result, actively engage their families, workplaces, and communities for God.

First, we have MEN’S BIBLE STUDY, which is a weekly study geared toward men that is centered around Biblical teaching and community. These studies are offered throughout the year. If you are interested in being part of a group or forming a new group please contact the church office.

Second, we have MEN’S EVENTS, which are quarterly gatherings that are centered around encouraging one another and diving into Scripture to see how it relates to a practical issue. MEN’S EVENTS include breakfasts and are occasionally paired with work days around the church.

Third, we have THE MEN’S RETREAT, which is an overnight event that seeks to bring men together and to take their relationship deeper and grow in the Lord. Competition, large group sessions, small group sessions, and worship help us dive deeper into life together